What is Social Equity?

Social Equity is about ensuring that everyone has a fair chance to achieve their full potential.

The Social Equity Centre is a not-for-profit expert consultancy provider that aims to narrow the gap for under-represented voices and advance equity through designing bespoke strategic solutions and managing their implementation.

Our work focuses on building a more equal society where everyone feels heard and included. We want to work across all sectors including the private sector.

Our work supports organisations on what it means to fulfil their obligations under the Equality Act and to do far more. We can help organisations understand what it means to create an inclusive culture, creating high staff engagement and a place where people want to work.

making communities visible in policy-making

What do we offer

Our Vision is to ensure that everyone in the community has access to opportunities, is included and can fully participate in public life and lead happy and fulfilling lives. With this vision in mind, we commit ourselves to empower communities and achieve changes in social policy by promoting and supporting the rights and well-being of individuals, groups and communities.

While our main area of expertise lies in areas of engagement and participation of unengaged communities (particularly Eastern Europeans and other new and emerging migrant and refugee groups) disability, education, and community development, we provide a wide range of services advising on issues impacting most communities, informed by the diverse identities these may hold.

We provide specialist advice on social policy and fairness issues impacting migrants and refugees.


We bring the voice of minoritised groups and refugees into policy-making.


We design and conduct research into community cohesion to inform policy.

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making communities visible in
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